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What You Should Know About Floodplain Insurance

Whether your home is in the floodplain or at higher elevations, the greatest threat to your investment in Onion Creek is the creek itself.

Presently all levels of government in Texas are awaiting a “Letter of Determination” from FEMA signifying their acceptance of new flood control maps. The new maps may place your home in the floodplain for the first time or deeper into the floodplain if you are already within its boundaries. If so, you may be interested to know that there is a window during which you may obtain lower flood insurance rates.


The latest information about the date the Letter of Determination will be issued is April/May. There is a six-month review period following that date during which public hearings will be held prior to final acceptance. In order to obtain the lower rate, homeowners must purchase flood insurance at least 45 days before the review period has ended and the new classifications become permanent. Once the maps are adopted, the rate for flood insurance will be based on your new floodplain classification and will likely be higher.


The new floodplain maps are available in the HOA office or you may obtain a more detailed map of your property by calling the City of Austin Watershed Protection and Development Office at 974-2843 or 974-3377; or online at http://www.austintexas.gov/department/watershed-protection

There is also a floodplain map, which includes the Onion Creek neighborhood available on this web site. Requires Microsoft SIlverlight available with the link.

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